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      Chinese medical textiles market challenges
      Category:Industry news   Publish:2016-01-19 05:17:44   View:626次 [Back]
      In the textiles industry, medical textiles belong to a class of the most promising industries. Although Chinese medical textile industry in recent years relatively rapid development, but compared with other countries, whether it is technical or quality are still a big gap. With the re-industrialization strategy developed countries, will further consolidate and expand its leading position in the field of industrial textiles, China has increased the difficulty of industrial textiles industry restructuring and development of high-performance products to enter the high-end market, which will undoubtedly give China enterprise bring greater challenges.
          Medical textiles is one of the most innovative, highest-tech varieties of textiles. In the main application areas are divided into four categories: The first category is textile surgical implants such as sutures, artificial blood vessels, artificial heart valves, artificial joints; second category is the non-surgical implantation of textiles, such as medical bandages, medical gauze; the third category is artificial organs, such as artificial kidney, artificial lung, etc; The fourth category is health and hygiene products, such as medical bed sheets, disposable surgical kits, disposable surgical gowns, isolation orders, diapers , sanitary napkins, adult incontinence pad. At present, the domestic medical textiles primarily for the second and fourth class; the first class and third class of these have a higher technological content of products, although some domestic production, but some well-known foreign brands and also uncompetitive compared , mainly rely on imports. Hospital For security reasons, tend to choose those big foreign brands, such as DuPont, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and other companies producing medical textiles.
          By the end of 2011, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Quality Supervision jointly issued the "industrial textiles" second five "development plan", it will be included in the medical textiles key development areas. According to experts in the field of medical textiles, biomedical textile materials are high-end products, which have been widely used in tissue regeneration, bone fill regeneration, wound healing, bio-adhesives, radiation therapy, dialysis and filtration, cosmetic surgery and other great the field of development potential. China is trying to break through the technical barriers in this area.

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