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                      The kinds of medical health materials
                      Category:Industry news   Publish:2016-01-19 05:19:23   View:635次 [Back]

                      1) wound injury: a variety of burns, burns, ulcers, pressure ulcers, wound wound dressings, biological fluid dressing film, the film wound healing, injured bone healing film, a silicon gel, collagen sponge, scars film, scar patches, hot and cold apply plaster and the like;

                      2) Function dressing: liquid dressings, chitosan, chitin, infusion film, obstetrics umbilical, biological hemostatic film;

                      3) biological materials: biodegradable materials, intervention materials, drug material, drug release formulations and the like;

                      4) surgical supplies: PVC medical gloves, surgical kits, production kits, surgical clothing (cap), surgical film / pad Single / drapes and the like;

                      5) Paste Material: medical adhesive plaster, breathable tape, medical non-sensitive tape / paper-based tape, surgical anti-adhesion wash fluid;

                      6) Support A materials: Medical cotton [1], cotton swabs, bandages, band-aid, first aid kits, cotton, gauze, gauze pads;

                      7) Medical Textiles: medical bed sheets, quilt cover, protective clothing, protective masks, gowns, tablecloths, bibs, aprons;

                      8) Medical Nonwovens: a variety of medical (spunlace, hot rolling, spunbond, elastic, plain, Babu, absorbent cotton) non-woven, hydrophilic nonwoven, SMS nonwoven fabrics, meltblown nonwoven , coil, sheet and non-woven products after processing;

                      9) dressing machinery: wet tissue packaging machines, medical Band-Aid machines, infusion paste machine, slicing machine, Winder, ultrasonic mask machine, medical gauze folding machine, cotton bag, mattress and other processing equipment;

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